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A Tale of the… Haunted House


An atmosphere of tragedy hangs over the quaint old estate near NE 63 and Eastern. In less than a year, death has struck there three times.

Perhaps it’s all over.

Mrs. Margaret Pearson, the last of the clan, died over the weekend. And now there is no one left.

On June 1, 1963, the first life was claimed.

Martin Carriker, 74-year-old automobile dealer, was murdered. Someone fired a bullet from a .22 rifle into the base of his skull.

Carriker lived on the estate with his former wife, 72-year-old Clara Carriker, and his stepdaughter, Mrs. Pearson.

Investigating officers arrested Mrs. Pearson and charged that she and two handymen engaged in a conspiracy to murder the elderly man.

Then tragedy struck again.

Before Mrs. Pearson went on trial, Mrs. Carriker died.

Shouting, sometimes almost hysterically, that she was innocent of murder, Mrs. Pearson went through a preliminary hearing and a trial for murder.

A jury found her innocent.

Her health and spirit broken, Mrs. Pearson went home to more trouble.

A foreclosure action cost her the property. Earlier that year it was sold at a sheriff’s sale.

On February 14, the sale would have become final and Mrs. Pearson would have had to leave the tragedy-ridden mansion.

A man who was living in the old house heard water running and went to investigate.

Mrs. Pearson was dead.

The murder was never solved. Police have all but dropped the case since a jury disagreed with their appraisal of the evidence.

The old house was empty Monday. Only the legend lives on.

The Haunted House is…

A Private Steak House
Dinner Served from 6:00 p.m.
By Reservation Only

7101 Miramar
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73111
(405) 478-1417

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